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The Bellevue Kendo Club cordially invites you and your dojo members to our 32nd Bellevue Junior Kendo Championship 2024. This is a junior tournament, all partcipants must be 18 years and under and in high school or below.


The tournament will be held at:
When: May 18th, 2024, Saturday
Opening ceremonies start at 10:00 AM (Doors open at 9:00 AM)
Where: Highland Community Center
14224 Bel-Red Road,
Bellevue, WA
Cost: $25.00 entry fee per competitor, includes a lunch


Individual (preliminary and medal rounds, minimum two matches guaranteed)
• 10 years and under
• 11 and 12 years
• 13 to 15 years
• High school girls (16 years and above)
• High school boys (16 years and above)
• Junior: five-member team (15 years and under)
• High school: three-member team (16 years and above)


32nd Bellevue Junior Kendo Championship 2024 Tournament format:
• Matches will be 3 minutes. Preliminary round matches will have hikiwake, medal round two 1 minute encho followed by hantei except for semi-finals and finals.
• No tsuki waza
• Abide by ZNKR rules regarding tsuba-zeriai


Other important informaton:
• All partcipants must be 18 years and under, in high school or below, and be a 2024/2025 member of the PNKF and AUSKF.
• Divisions the partcipants enter and compete in are based on each participant's age
on the day of the tournament.
• Divisions are subject to change depending on entries received.
• Face covering and/or mask recommended for all partcipants.

2024 Bellevue Junior Taikai Entry Fee

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