PNKF Shinsa – Feb 2020

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Congratulations to all who put themselves forward in the last promotion examination for PNKF. Thank you to all the volunteers who made it a smooth experience.

New Ranks for SKK:

4 Dan

  • Matthew Price

1 Dan

  • Yue Chen
  • Nagato Orita
  • Ffion Mabale

1 Kyu

  • Aneurin Mabale

3 Kyu

  • Drew Migita

5 Kyu

  • Aidan Santon
  • Saiichi Johnson
  • Kalliope Santon
  • Mifune Tanimura


Special thanks to Imanishi sensei and the following members of Seattle Kendo Kai who gave a wonderful demonstration of the Bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon waza keiko ho. Going forward, the AUSKF will be following AJKF and FIK in  requiring all 2-kyu candidates to demonstrate this. We have been lucky at SKK to have adopted this waza practice for many years as a teaching tool for beginners, both youth and adult, to help them learn the proper handling and reiho of the sword and inform their shinai practice more fully.

Participants: Nagato Orita, Aneurin Mabale, Denise Quach, Ffion Mabale