2018 PNKF Iaido Seminar, Taikai, & Shinsa

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Photo courtesy of Khoi Duong


We had a successful Iaido seminar, taikai and shinsa over the weekend.


Seattle team, coached by Kozawa Sensei, fought very well and placed 1st and 2nd places in each decision.

Nikhil Varma: 0-1 Kyu division 2nd place

Victor Whitman: 1- 2 Dan 1st place

Hiro Fukumoto: 3-4 Dan Noguchi Cup 1st place



At the shinsa, Nikhil Varma passed 1 Dan and Victor Whitman was successfully promoted to 2 Dan. Congratulations!


Photo courtesy of Khoi Duong



Everyone is welcome to practice Iaido. We practice at 7PM on the first, third and fifth (if we have) Thursdays. We also have open mat practice for Iaido before kendo on other Thursdays.


Hiro Fukumoto