PNKF Shinsa – August 2018

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PNKF Kendo Shinsa
August 11, 2018
Kent, WA

We applaud all who went up for examination this summer. Thank you to all the administrators, judges, and volunteers. We also had a great godokeiko following the examination.

Congratulations to the following SKK members:

Yuen, Alec (3K)
Mabale, Aneurin (3K)
Enrico, Tai (3K)
Higham, Gavin (3K)

Chen, Yue (2K)
Rosanova, Dan (2K)

Kim, Eugene (1K)
Mabale, Ffion (1K)

Yeung, Binah (1D)

Imanishi, Drake (2D)

Photos courtesy of S. Mizuno