Rose City Taikai – June 2016

2016 ROSE CITY TAIKAI June 11, 2016, Portland Community College Cascade Campus Andy Yuen – 1st Place, Juniors 13-15 Aaron Yen – 3rd Place, 3 Dan and above Hiroaki Fukumoto – 3rd Place, Senior Dan Seattle Junior Team – 1st Place

Bellevue Junior Taikai – May 2016

Congratulations to all who participated in the taikai and thank you to all who volunteered and served as shinpan. Aneurin Mabale – 2nd Place, 10 years and under Alec Yuen – 3rd Place, 10 years and under Andy Yuen – 3rd Place, High School Boys

UW Taikai – April 2016

  Congratulations to all who participated in the UW Taikai. Tyler Yamashita – 2nd place, 3-1kyu Garrett Suzaka – 3rd place, 4dan and Above  

Tokyo youth kenshi and family

Thank you Horie sensei for arranging a visit with some of your youth and family members from your dojo. It was very inspirational for our kids to see and experience keiko with them.  

Hatsugeiko 2016

Thank you to all who came for the 7:00AM New Year’s Day keiko. Best wishes to all in the coming year.

PNKF Taikai 2015

Thank you to all participants and volunteers for this year’s PNKF Taikai. Congratulations to SKK members: Naoaki Tanimura – 2nd Place, 4 Dan and Up Michael Mabale -3rd Place, 4 Dan and Up  

Tokyo Kodansha Visitors

Thank you to our visitors from Tokyo. M. Sugita – Kyoshi, 7 Dan K. Yamanishi – Kyoshi, 7 Dan N. Ishiki – Renshi,  6 Dan

Tsuchida sensei and kodansha visitors from Hiroshima

It was great to see Tsuchida sensei again for a visit. This time we had a great practice and demonstration of kata with mogito with Sasaki sensei and Kabayama sensei, followed by a mogishinsa for kodansha ranks.  ©Photography by Michael Mabale  

Homestay visitors from Obirin Daigaku

It was so much fun to have a short homestay visit from our friends Kazuki Watanabe and Akihiro Osumi. Thank you to Watanabe sensei for introducing us to these wonderful young men. Special thanks to B. Yeung for being such a gracious host.

This is the Forge

Reed Nolan, photojournalist of KIRO TV, visited Seattle Kendo Kai to create a short vignette about kendo.