PNKF Shinsa – Feb 2020

Congratulations to all who put themselves forward in the last promotion examination for PNKF. Thank you to all the volunteers who made it a smooth experience. New Ranks for SKK: 4 Dan Matthew Price 1 Dan Yue Chen Nagato Orita Ffion Mabale 1 Kyu Aneurin Mabale 3 Kyu Drew Migita 5 Kyu Aidan Santon Saiichi […]

2019 PNKF Taikai

Thanks to the PNKF and all volunteers for another great taikai. We are proud of all our Seattle members who fought with courage in some very close and challenging matches. Congratulations to our SKK members: M. Tu – 1st place, 0-4kyu M. Price – 3rd place, 3-dan   See more photos of event here: Kendo Photography […]

Tacoma Taikai 2019

Congratulations to all those who participated in this year’s Tacoma Taikai. Thank you to Tacoma Kendo club and all the volunteers and shinpan for making the taikai happen. Seattle Kendo Kai results: S. Johnson 1st place 9 under S. Kim 3rd place 13 to 15 yrs old A. Fung 2nd place High school Kyu K. […]

Vancouver Taikai 2019

Big thanks to our hosts Vancouver Kendo Club for a wonderful taikai.   SKK Results Mifune Tanimura, 3rd place, 9yrs & under Ryoma Imanishi, 3rd place, 16-20 yrs Aaron Yen, 3rd place, 31-40 yrs Garrett Suzaka, 2nd place, 31-40 yrs   Photos courtesy of S. Mizuno

Bellevue Junior Taikai 2019

Thank you to Bellevue Kendo Club for hosting another great taikai.   SKK results: Saichi Johnson, 1st place, 10 & under Eugene Kim, 3rd place, 13-14 yrs Aneurin Mabale, 2nd place, 13-14 yrs Andy Yuen, 3rd place, High School Boys   Seattle Junior Youth Team, 2nd Place Aneurin Mabale, Sean Kim, Aaron Fung, Eugene Kim, […]

Kendo Shinsa – Feb 2019

Thank you to all Seattle members who came to volunteer and support the shinsa and all our applicants. Results for SKK Aaron Fung: 3 kyu Nagato Orita: 1 kyu Kyle Hale: 1 kyu Yue Chen: 1 kyu Dan Rosanova: 1 kyu Mahya Okita: 3 dan Richard Lei: 4 dan Takao Yamashita: 4 dan

Hatsugeiko 2019

Thank you all who came bright and early to our New Year’s Day practice. It was wonderful to see so many people, visitors, and especially long time friends and family who are in town for a short while. What a wonderful way to start the new year.   Photos courtesy of M. Mabale

2018 PNKF Taikai

  Congratulations to all who participated in this year’s PNKF Taikai on November 3, 2018 in Kent, WA. Thank you to all members, volunteers, and shimpan for an exciting day.   We are especially proud of our Seattle members who did very well in all divisions. N. Tanimura — 2nd place, 4dan+ G. Suzaka — […]

2018 PNKF Iaido Seminar, Taikai, & Shinsa

Photo courtesy of Khoi Duong   We had a successful Iaido seminar, taikai and shinsa over the weekend.   Seattle team, coached by Kozawa Sensei, fought very well and placed 1st and 2nd places in each decision. Nikhil Varma: 0-1 Kyu division 2nd place Victor Whitman: 1- 2 Dan 1st place Hiro Fukumoto: 3-4 Dan […]

PNKF Shinsa – August 2018

PNKF Kendo Shinsa August 11, 2018 Kent, WA We applaud all who went up for examination this summer. Thank you to all the administrators, judges, and volunteers. We also had a great godokeiko following the examination. Congratulations to the following SKK members: Yuen, Alec (3K) Mabale, Aneurin (3K) Enrico, Tai (3K) Higham, Gavin (3K) Chen, […]

Bellevue Junior Taikai 2018

May 19, 2018 Highland Community Center Bellevue Junior Taikai   Thank you to Bellevue Kendo Club for hosting another great event.   SKK Results: S. Kim 3rd place, 11-12 Years D. Imanishi 3rd place, High School Boys Seattle (A. Mabale, E. Kim, F. Mabale, K. Halve, N. Orita) 2nd place, Junior Teams   Photos courtesy […]

UW Taikai 2018

UW Taikai Seattle, April 14, 2018 University of Washington   Photos courtesy of S. Mizuno

AUSKF National Junior Open Kendo Championships 2018

The National Junior Open Kendo Championships took place in Huntington Beach, CA on April 8, 2018. We had a strong showing this year with 30 youth representing the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation. We are so proud of all of you. Your hard work, dedication, and training over the last few months were evident on the […]

Highline Taikai 2018

Thank you to our taikai host, Highline Kendo Club. Results: YUDANSHA (1-2D) 1st: Betty Park (BEL) 2nd: Brian Liao (BEL) 3rd: Andy Yuen (SEA) 3rd: Cougar Capoeman (TAC) MUDANSHA 1st : Kyle Fukuda (CAS) 2nd: V. Blancarte (SNK) 3rd: L. Gao (UW) 3rd: Taiki Miyamoto (NW) TEAMS 1st: Bellevue 2nd: UW     Photos courtesy […]

PNKF Shinsa – Feb 2018

Thank you to all the PNKF sensei and volunteers who helped run the 2018 winter PNKF shinsa and following godokeiko. For all participants, whether or not they passed the examination, we hope that you can all take away a valuable learning experience and return to practice with a new fervor.   Congratulations to our members on […]

Steveston – Feb 2018

Thank you to Steveston Kendo Club for hosting another great event this year. Seattle Kendo Kai members and our friends from PNKF enjoyed godokeiko on Friday followed by the annual taikai on Saturday. Photos courtesy of S.Mizuno