Kent Taikai – Dec 2017

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Kent Taikai 2017 (Participants missing from photo: Steve Guidi, Kyle Hale, Richard Lei, Aaron Fung)


This year’s Kent Taikai was held at Kentwood High School, Covington. Thank you to Kent Kendo Club for hosting, all the shinpan, and all the court volunteers. It was a long day, and we all had a good time.

We are proud of the performance of our Seattle members at all levels. Regardless of how far they got in the brackets, they displayed a kendo that was consistent with their daily keiko, and we know all the participants can take away something that will help them to continue to improve further in the dojo.


  • Aneurin Mabale, 2nd place, 11-12 yrs
  • Seattle Junior Team, 3rd place
    • Aneurin Mabale
    • Shun Wetleson (Obukan)
    • Aaron Fung
    • Ffion Mabale
    • Kyle Hale
  • David Huynh, 4th place, 3-4 dan
  • Seattle Senior Team, 2nd place
    • Laurel Durkan
    • Aaron Yen
    • David Huynh
    • Steve Guidi
    • Michael Mabale