PNKF Shinsa – August 2017

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Congratulations to all our SKK members who went up for promotion in August. Thank you also to SKK and PNKF members who helped and served as examiners.



Alec Yuen (4K)
Sean Kim (4K)
Matt Hutchins (4K)
Kyle Hale (3K)
Nikhil Varma (3K)
Eugene Kim (2K)
Victor Whitman (1K)
Donna Wilson (1K)
Binah Yeung (1K)
Drake Imanishi (1D)
Andy Yuen (2D)
Soo-Hyung Kim (2D)
Laurel Durkan (3D)




Nikhil Varma (2K)



Photography courtesy of S. Mizuno