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2018 PNKF Taikai

  Congratulations to all who participated in this year’s PNKF Taikai on November 3, 2018 in Kent, WA. Thank you to all members, volunteers, and shimpan for an exciting day.   We are especially proud of our Seattle members who did very well in all divisions. N. Tanimura — 2nd place, 4dan+ G. Suzaka — […]

2018 PNKF Iaido Seminar, Taikai, & Shinsa

Photo courtesy of Khoi Duong   We had a successful Iaido seminar, taikai and shinsa over the weekend. Seattle team, coached by Kozawa Sensei, fought very well and placed 1st and 2nd places in each decision. Nikhil Varma: 0-1 Kyu division 2nd place Victor Whitman: 1- 2 Dan 1st place Hiro Fukumoto: 3-4 Dan Noguchi […]

Congratulations, Abe sensei

Congratulations to Abe sensei for passing 5-Dan. AUSKF Kendo Kodansha Shinsa Las Vegas, NV August 19, 2018

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Dojo Info


St. Peter's Episcopal Gym
1610 S. King St., Seattle WA  98144

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The dojo is located near Seattle's International District and practice is held in the St. Peter's gym on King Street. There is a small parking lot at the rear of the building, accessed from the alley on South Jackson Pl. Please park only on the South side of the alley facing the church in designated parking spots, otherwise please park on adjacent streets.

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Sunday: 3-5:30PM
Tuesday: 7-8:30PM
2nd & 4th Thursdays: 7-8:30PM

1st, 3rd, & 5th Thursdays: 7-8:30PM
2nd & 4th Thursdays: 6-7:00PM

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Seattle Kendo Kai (SKK) is a non-profit martial arts organization dedicated to perpetuating and teaching traditional Japanese kendo and seitei iaido along the guidelines established by the All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF) and the International Kendo Federation (FIK).

SKK was founded in the 1920s, with its first permanent dojo established around 1924. It is one of the oldest dojo in the Pacific Northwest and the only pre-war dojo to have resumed after WWII. Our head instructor is Doug Imanishi, holding a rank of Kyoshi, 7 Dan.

Our training emphasizes form and spirit, and beginners are provided with a strong foundation in kendo fundamentals such as footwork, posture, and kiai. Instruction is provided in both English and Japanese.

Seattle Kendo Kai is a member of the the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation (PNKF) and the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF). The club operates with the support of a volunteer community of instructors, students, friends, and parents.

You can read a brief history of kendo in the Pacific Northwest in the University of Washington archives.

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Our Sensei

Doug Imanishi

Doug Imanishi

Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan

Head Instructor

Ryuichi Shimizu

Ryuichi Shimizu

Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan, Iaido 2 Dan
Harry Goh

Harry Goh

Kendo Renshi 6 Dan, Iaido 4 Dan
Naoaki Tanimura

Naoaki Tanimura

Kendo 6 Dan
Susie Kozawa

Susie Kozawa

Iaido 4 Dan, Kendo 3 Dan
Hiroaki Fukumoto

Hiroaki Fukumoto

Iaido 4 Dan, Kendo 4 Dan

Visit Us

Visitors are always welcome. Whether you are new to kendo, visiting the Seattle area, or would just like to watch, we ask that you please contact us so that we can be prepared for your visit and also confirm that there are no special events or closures that day. There is a seating area available should you be accompanied by family or friends.

Visiting kenshi who are already in bogu and current members of AUSKF or FIK federation dojo are always welcome to join any regularly scheduled practice. If it is your first time practicing at Seattle Kendo Kai, we ask that you arrive at least 20 minutes early to provide ample time to get dressed, introduce yourself to sensei, and sign the visitor waiver forms.


New Beginners

If you have no kendo experience or are a beginner not yet in armor, new student intake is during the first two weeks of each calendar quarter (First two Sundays and Tuesdays of January, April, July, and October). Before joining, we recommend observing at least one practice and talking with us in person prior to joining to help you get an understanding of how we train. To start, you will only need comfortable exercise gear – a t-shirt and sweatpants will suffice. Don’t worry about purchasing equipment just yet! A shinai (bamboo sword) will be provided to all new beginners. Expect to spend at least your first quarter in plain clothes while you practice kendo fundamentals and conditioning. Sensei will determine when you are ready to begin wearing a uniform and bogu (armor).

Children can start training as early as eight years of age, but may start sooner or later depending on their maturity and ability to follow group instruction. However, it doesn’t matter how old you are when you start, but more so how you apply yourself during training and how often you train. Many start kendo as adults and continue to enjoy practice well into their senior years. You should be prepared to commit to attending practice at least once per week to make sure you keep a steady momentum and keep pace with your peers. Especially for beginners, there is much to absorb in your first few months and a steady attendance is important as we often build upon previous week's lessons.

Experienced Kenshi

Do you already have kendo experience? Maybe you are newly relocated to the Seattle area, or you would like to restart kendo after a long hiatus. People with previous experience in bogu are not restricted to waiting until the next quarter before joining the dojo, but we request that you consult with our head instructor, Imanishi sensei, and discuss your previous experience and rank. Also, if it has been some time since you were last active, we want to make sure you resume your kendo practice safely at an appropriate pace and intensity.

Visitors with a current yearly membership in AUSKF or FIK affiliated federation are qualified to join practices immediately as a visitor prior to committing to full membership. We recommend that you take the time to attend a few practices both at Seattle Kendo Kai as well as visit other PNKF clubs in the region to determine which works best with your schedule, goals, and personal fit. Should you decide to join SKK, it would be helpful to have a copy of your most recent menjo (rank certificate) for our records.

Dues & Application Forms
Quarterly Year in Full * Yearly
Adult $105 $385 $110
Youth / Student $60 $220 $55
Additional Family Members**
Adult $94.50 $346.50 $110
Youth / Student $54 $198 $55

* Discounted rates for SKK full year payment

** SKK Family Discount 10% off SKK dues for each additional family member.

AUSKF New Member initiation fee requires a one-time payment of $10.

SKK dues are required quarterly, and a discount is applied if paying for the year in full. Federation (PNKF) dues are required once per calendar year regardless of when you join. Your PNKF dues also includes the cost of AUSKF membership for the year. New members will receive a free starter-shinai with their paid dues.

*Here is a helpful ToDo list for new members: 2018 Registration ToDo.pdf

Contact Us

Before sending an inquiry, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.